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Introducing our latest innovation, Fun Sweets Cotton Candy® Clear Whey Protein Isolate! Elevate your protein intake with this unique blend that not only packs a powerful punch of 24g of high-quality whey protein isolate per serving but also indulges your taste buds with the authentic and delicious essence of classic cotton candy. Treat yourself to a new kind of post-workout experience that combines the best of both worlds—efficacious protein to support your muscle recovery and the unmistakable sweetness of cotton candy to make each sip an experience worth celebrating. With its crystal-clear formulation and vibrant flavors, this whey protein isolate takes post-workout nutrition to a whole new level, ensuring that your fitness journey is not only effective but also deliciously fun. But don’t think you can only enjoy these amazing flavors after a grueling workout. You can savor the sweet taste of Fun Sweets® ISO Clear any time! So, get ready to redefine your protein game with the amazing flavors of Fun Sweets Cotton Candy®, where smiles are always guaranteed!

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We all know that whey protein is one of the most utilizes protein sources on the market. With its convenient nature and wide variety of flavors that it can take on, it is a common and popular option for many people looking to put on muscle or just increase their overall protein intake. Unfortunately, with whey protein classically have a milky taste, it lends itself useful for taking on primarily sweet, dessert like flavors, like chocolates, vanillas, peanut butters, and other classic ice cream varie ties. Recently there has been an uptick in innovation in the whey protein category with the introduction in clear whey protein isolate.

What is clear whey? Clear whey protein is still derived from whey, but what sets clear whey protein apart is its unique processing method that removes fats and carbohydrates, resulting in a clear and transparent liquid. This form of whey protein offers a convenient and refreshing alternative to traditional whey protein powders, which as mentioned above, often have a milky taste and appearance. Even with this more rigorous processing method, clear whey protein still retains all the high – quality protein content of traditional whey, providing essential amino acids that support muscle recovery and growth. For individuals looking for a light and easily digestible protein source, but having a more juice like consistency and flavor profile, Clear Whey can be a great option. Core Nutritional’s® has finally entered the clear whey space with ISO CLEAR!Offering two amazing flavors wit h our partners at Fun Sweets Cotton Candy® you can now enjoy these sweet carnival flavors anytime, anywhere and reap the benefits of high quality and ultra-pure whey protein isolate!

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry Berry


Core Nutritonals

Core® is all about helping our customers reach their personal fitness goals and unleash their inner champion. Headed by drug-free pro bodybuilder Doug Miller, and his wife, drug-free pro figure competitor Stephanie Miller, Doug built Core® as he was sick and tired of supplements that are built around hype and that simply do not work. But that’s not the reason why we took off, no, it’s because Doug’s passion for pushing his limits and living the Crush It® Lifestyle resonated with countless other bodybuilding and personal fitness enthusiasts. So, whether you’re an elite or “weekend-warrior” athlete, you can be sure our formulas will be effective, safe and help you achieve your fitness goals. 
Many supplement companies offer fantastic promises with little or no information to back up their claims. Others hide behind secret “proprietary” blends, which may contain only trace elements of the advertised ingredients. We don’t take shortcuts or skimp on effective ingredients just to save a buck, and we don’t use “fillers.” 
Core Nutritionals® always lets the consumer know exactly what is in its products, guarantees quality with rigorous testing, and even backs up product claims with blood work results. Also, all Core Nutritionals® products are manufactured in the U.S. and in cGMP facilities. 
The Core Nutritionals® brand is built on and represented through an everyday adherence to the CRUSH IT® mentality. From the gym to the stage, at home, and in our relationships with colleagues, customers, and industry affiliates, this commitment never waivers in those who adhere to this mentality. Like our customers, we strive for perfection and success but always remain committed to our unwavering integrity and values while helping to bring out the best in others. Step up to this pursuit of excellence and CRUSH IT® with everyone in the Crush It Crew!  


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