EndurElite Vitamin Elite

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The Endurance Athlete’s Multivitamin

  • Complete Multivitamin With Fruits & Greens Superfood Blend
  • Fills The Most Common Micronutrient Gaps In Endurance Athletes*
  • Supports Peak Athletic Performance*
  • Full Spectrum Vitamin B Profile
  • Choline & Magnesium For Muscle & Cognitive Health*
  • Patented Antioxidant Ingredient Spectra™
  • Piperine For Increased Absorption*
  • 30 Servings (120 Capsules) Per Bottle

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In a perfect world, endurance athletes would consume a well-balanced diet containing whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, thereby aiding in the assurance of the proper intake of all micronutrients. Unfortunately, in the real world, athletes do not have perfect diets. In today’s society, the lack of time and the convenience of less-than-ideal food sources tempt people to ingest a diet lacking many of the essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fuel performance. If an athlete’s diet is less than favorable, it is recommended that they take a high-quality multivitamin as an easy and cost-effective way to ensure the proper intake of all the essential micronutrients. This is why EndurElite, the most trusted name in endurance sports nutrition, developed Vitamin Elite.

Vitamin Elite is an advanced, therapeutically dosed vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant formula designed specifically to meet the nutritional demands of endurance athletes in training and to fill micronutrient gaps left by an inadequate diet. Vitamin Elite goes far beyond the minimum Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) to support optimal nutritional balance and peak physical and mental performance for hardcore athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Vitamins and minerals play critical roles in hundreds of bodily functions. Vitamin Elite acts as a foundation for those nutritional needs and ensures that all of the vital micronutrients and co-factors are available at the crucial times your body needs to perform optimally.

Unlike most multivitamins that are built on fairy dusted combinations of random micronutrients hidden in proprietary blends, Vitamin Elite combines clinically dosed, best-in-class ingredients precisely formulated to deliver exactly what you need to support health, performance, and overall well-being. With EndurElite, transparency and innovation is the name of the game and we do it better than anyone does. This transparency and innovation is reflected in the most superior multivitamin on the market today, Vitamin Elite. It has everything you need in one comprehensive, open-label, clinically dosed formula and nothing that you don’t.




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