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If you’ve been lifting weights for a while, you’re no doubt familiar with the feeling of a good pump. Once you’ve felt it once, you can’t forget it. You can’t stop chasing that feeling of total power and domination.

With muscles bulging and veins nearly popping out of your skin, you feel like you can lift a mountain. When the pump comes, a glorious, focused intensity soon follows.

Triggering a reliable, powerful pump is a Herculean task, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve finally killed our Cerberus.


The first key is simple: water. 

In fact, it’s so simple, it’s beautiful. Whether you’re a cowboy whippin’ cattle down a dusty sonoran trail or an avid bodybuilder, you know the necessity of proper hydration.

But proper hydration doesn’t just help with cotton-mouth. Water is the wellspring of life, all the way down to each individual cell. This is the secret to the almighty pump. Once your cells are not just hydrated, but hyper-hydrated, the ripple effects cascade all the way to your muscles, making them swell.


FSU Serum is here from the sorcerers at Inspired Nutraceuticals, and not a moment too soon. Far from being a merely aesthetic boon, getting a gnarly pump improves results. From enhanced performance to faster recovery, pump-inducing supplements are built to take training to the next level.

Every major athletic supplement brand on the market is getting into the pump game, utilizing ingredients like nitrates, betaine, and – of course – glycerol.

Beyond achieving results, the other side of a successful supplement is consumability. Glycerol is notoriously difficult to work with in powdered form. In order to avoid clumping, nearly all glycerol supplements on the market need to cram in loads of silica.

As a result, most products are so diluted that they fail to meet the studied and efficacious dosages of glycerol required for that pristine pump. FSU has solved this problem in the form of liquid glycerol. The dose is loaded and it’s only the start of this formula.



The FSU formula is pretty simple, but very powerful, featuring mostly liquid glycerol alongside a potent amount of nitrate. And that’s exactly what makes it special.

Nearly every glycerol product on the market is forced to compromise on the amount of glycerol to make room for silica – because silica prevents clumping… sometimes. As most of us have discovered, glycerol supplements often still clump! We don’t need to make that compromise.

Loaded with a whopping 20 grams of GlycoClear glycerol, 2 grams of betaine nitrate, and boosted by sodium and potassium electrolytes, our FSU Serum is designed to hyperhydrate your cells, pump your muscles, and get you ready to conquer the toughest workout sessions.

Hyperhydrate your cells with glycerol

FSU Serum contains a whopping 20 grams of glycerol to ensure your cells are hyperhydrated, so long as you keep enough water around. This helps improve nutrient availability, performance, thermal resistance, and recovery. Plus, the massive dosage we’ve included is a huge advantage of going liquid over powder-based supplements.

Glycerol, a natural byproduct of fatty acid and glucose metabolism, is commonly used in our bodies to create glucose in a process known as gluconeogenesis. It’s distributed to almost all tissues in the body, where it helps regulate water balance in cells by manipulating extracellular osmotic pressure.

But the real magic happens when we supplement more of it.

The above process can cause cells to become hyperhydrated due to an influx of water, and adding more glycerol to the diet can provide athletic benefits such as increased thermal resistance, improved nutrient availability, better performance, and faster recovery. Especially when it’s taken with plenty of water.

And that’s not the only hydrating ingredient inside:

Feel the surge with betaine nitrate

Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), is an ergogenic aid that enhances athletic performance. It’s a methyl donor involved in several metabolic processes, including the regulation of blood homocysteine levels, which can affect cardiovascular health if too high. Therefore, supplementing with betaine can boost immediate performance and contribute to long-term cardiovascular health.

Similar to glycerol, betaine also acts as an osmolyte, maintaining optimal cell hydration  and providing protection against heat stress. Long-term supplementation of higher doses of betaine (2.5 to 5 grams daily) can significantly improve strength, power, endurance, and body composition.

The real synergy becomes apparent with betaine’s marriage to nitric acid, or nitrate, to form betaine nitrate. Nitrate is converted to nitrite, at which point it finds its way to your salivary glands, where it is converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is ground zero for a good pump, due to its role in promoting vasodilation.

Nitrate supplementation has been shown to increase circulation, improve aerobic capacity, speed up recovery, and prolong endurance.

We have a solid 2,000mg of Betaine Nitrate in each tablespoon of FSU Serum. When choosing a hydrating pump ingredient to go alongside our huge amount of glycerol, betaine nitrate is the primo pick.

Don’t Forget Your Electrolytes!

We didn’t forget the gold standards for hydration: sodium and potassium. Both play a crucial role in ensuring your muscle contractions are efficient and forceful. Avid athletes know how essential it is to replenish these crucial electrolytes post a sweaty workout, and our FSU Serum is here to ensure you do just that.

Sodium (500mg) is essential for peak athletic performance as it is one of the electrolyte minerals necessary for efficient muscle contractions. Intense workouts can deplete the body of sodium through sweating, impacting performance and recovery if not replenished. Current research suggests that higher sodium intake, within the range of 3,000 mg to 5,000 mg per day, may not be as harmful as previously thought, especially for athletes or individuals who sweat a lot.

Potassium (250mg), another vital electrolyte, also plays a crucial role in cardiovascular health and helps the body retain calcium. The sodium to potassium ratio might be more critical than the absolute intake of either, with low sodium-to-potassium ratios linked to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is advised to increase potassium intake instead of just reducing sodium.

Finally, maintaining adequate potassium levels is necessary for vasodilation as the interaction between sodium and potassium drives this process through the polarization of endothelial cells.

Hardcore muscular hydration with clinical doses of glycerol

FSU Serum is a revolution in pre-workout pump technology, designed to drive hydration straight to your muscles. When combined with plenty of water, prepare yourself to blow up like a nuclear-grade mushroom cloud.

The big secret about glycerol supplements is that the vast majority of them do not meet the dosages cited in the literature on glycerol. If you want the evidence-backed, muscle-engorging effects of glycerol, you need to be taking a lot.

This is simply not conducive to powder supplementation. Enter FSU Serum: liquid pumps that are worth their weight in dumbbells.

At the end of the day, the more water your cells have to work with, the more they swell, the more endurance you have, and the more muscular volume you’ll achieve. This can only mean one thing:

More gains.


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