Merica Labs Suprimos

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  • Assists in synthesizing muscle protein in response to exercise
  • Increase endurance and reduce feeling of soreness
  • Full spectrum amino acid supplement, with both BCAAs and EAAs
  • BCAA – Provide the building blocks for muscles to jump start recovery after intense exercise as well as can positively impact body composition when combined with proper diet and exercise.
  • EAA – In addition to contributing to the benefits BCAA provide, EAA also play vital roles in tissue growth, energy production, immune support and nutrient absorption.
  • Aquamin™ Sea Minerals – Combination of calcium and magnesium derived from red algae that has been shown to possess benefits for bone health as well as reduce chronic stress responses in the gut.

Let’s be honest: ‘Merica is the best at pretty much everything. Sports, fireworks, putting foods inside other foods. We got it all. You might even call us supreme. So it only makes sense that the most ‘Merican brand ever, ‘Merica Labz, would make a supreme amino product – Suprimos.

What makes Suprimos is the research-backed blend of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and the remaining six essential amino acids (EAAs). This ratio is reflected in the clinical research as the most effective for contributing to health levels of endurance, stamina, exercise performance and recovery. Paired with the patented ingredient Aquamin™ and electrolytes for hydration and performance, our blend addresses all your major needs without sacrificing taste or mixability.

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Alpine Pew Pew, Back in Black Lemondade, Daytona Beach, Patriot Punch, Wild Blue Yonder


Merica Labz

In 2017, 'Merica Lab launched with a singular purpose: to combine byper-patriotism with hyper-awesome ingredients, creating the most Merican Brand known to man. Not going to lie, we definitely succeeded. But even American classics need an update, and so it goes with 'Merica Labz. We have a new look, but we have retained all the pure American ass kickingness that makes us Merica. Crazy formulas. Amazing flavors. We are freckin" Merica, baby.


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