Merica Labz Sleepy Joe

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  • Rest
  • Recover
  • Restore
  • Regenerate
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored


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Sleep & Recovery Formula

Introducing Sleepy Joe- the chocolate mint ice cream flavored sleep aid that’s perfect for those moments when you need a nap faster than Joe can mix up his words! With every scoopful, you’ll be drifting off to dreamland faster than you can say ‘malarkey.’ Packed with enough sleepy goodness to make you forget where you are, Sleepy Joe will have you nodding off in no time, just like your favorite forgetful politician. So, grab a pint, snuggle up in your favorite blanker, and let Sleepy Joe take you on a deliciously drowsy journey to la-la land. Just be sure to set your alarm – you wouldn’t want to sleep through any more gaffes than our beloved Joe!

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Mint Chocolate Chip


Merica Labz

In 2017, 'Merica Lab launched with a singular purpose: to combine byper-patriotism with hyper-awesome ingredients, creating the most Merican Brand known to man. Not going to lie, we definitely succeeded. But even American classics need an update, and so it goes with 'Merica Labz. We have a new look, but we have retained all the pure American ass kickingness that makes us Merica. Crazy formulas. Amazing flavors. We are freckin" Merica, baby.


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