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  • CITRULLINE MALATE 6G: Increases nitric oxide production causing blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow and circulation without increasing blood pressure. that means better muscle repair, faster recovery, and improved movement of nutrients to muscles in need.
  • BETA ALANINE AS CARNOSYN 3.2G: Enhances performance by increasing the muscle’s Capacity to buffer hydrogen ions. These are produced when lactic acid levels rise during intense exercise, such as weight training.
  • CREATINE PYRUVATE 2G: A patented and unique form of creatine buffered with pyruvic acid. This increases the bioavailability allowing the creatine to be much more effective as it floods your muscle with water and nutrients that will increase your strength, size and endurance while it promotes protein synthesis.
  • ALPHA GPC (ALPHASIZE) 300mg: Boost neurotransmitter growth for better concentration, agility, coordination, and more.
  • HUPERZINE A: Has been shown to support focus and mental energy by increasing acetylcholine.

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Max Muscle

Max Muscle, established in 1990, is the premier franchise specializing in Sports Nutrition. Max Muscle offers a diverse but integrated product mix of innovative nutritional supplements, fashionable athletic apparel and magazine publishing that targets a broad consumer base with a true passion for fitness and health. This combination is unique within the industry and has allowed Max Muscle to establish itself as a market leader within the health and fitness industry. Founded by athletes committed to living a healthy lifestyle that exercise and nutrition provides, Max Muscle manufactures a high quality line of sports nutrition products and custom athletic apparel that has remained popular for over a decade.


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