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ReBUILD™ is the most complete post-workout formula on the market, designed for the most intense athletes who demand post-workout nutrition that covers all aspects of recovery, from muscle tissue repair and glycogen replenishment to electrolyte replacement, joint rejuvenation, and more.

ReBUILD™ provides a 1:1 ratio of fast-acting carbohydrates and proteins proven to work synergistically. The instantized whey protein isolate is fast-digesting and provides amino acids essential to building new muscle tissue. The carbohydrates from dextrose rapidly replenish glycogen levels and transport amino acids to begin the process of building new muscle. ReBUILD™ has 5 grams of added free form Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to further increase protein synthesis and muscle growth.

ReBUILD™ was enhanced with a Glycolytic Transport Complex to enhance nutrient delivery. This insulin-simulating complex helps move sugar from the blood vessels into muscle cells. The Enhanced Recovery Complex in ReBUILD™ provides creatine for muscle cell hydration, expansion, and energy production, as well as betaine and glutamine for tissue repair, digestion, and detoxification.

Heavy, intense training takes a toll on your body and joints. ReBUILD™ addresses both with it’s Oxidative Defense Complex packed with antioxidants and its FLEX FORM™ Joint Complex to help reduce inflammation and support connective tissue repair. To aid in total body replenishment, ReBUILD™ was further enhanced with electrolytes for rehydration and healthy mineral balance, as well as a B vitamin complex to help restore energy levels and promote cellular health.

Finally, you can remove the chemistry behind finding the best post-workout supplements and rely on one formula! ReBUILD™ was scientifically formulated to support the growth of lean muscle mass, help accelerate post-workout recovery, and aid in whole body rejuvenation.*


Dextrose Anhydrous

  • Quickly replenishes muscle glycogen, spiking insulin to promote nutrient absorption and protein synthesis, and helping in rehydration.

Cluster Dextrin

  • Provides a sustained release of glucose, which helps replenish muscle glycogen stores more efficiently without spiking blood sugar levels, thereby supporting endurance, reducing fatigue, and enhancing nutrient uptake for muscle repair and growth.

Banaba Leaf Extract

  • Enhances glucose metabolism from dextrose and cluster dextrin for efficient glycogen replenishment and improves insulin sensitivity, aiding muscle recovery and growth

Fenugreek Extract

  • Helps stabilize glucose metabolism from dextrose and cluster dextrin, improve digestive comfort, and reduce muscle inflammation and soreness for enhanced recovery.


  • Replenishes depleted glutamine stores, supporting immune function, reducing muscle soreness, and promoting glycogen synthesis, thereby enhancing muscle repair and growth.

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

  • Creatine improves workout performance by rapidly replenishing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stores in muscles, facilitating quick bursts of energy during high-intensity activities, and also promoting cellular hydration, leading to increased strength, power, and overall exercise capacity. Additionally, creatine may contribute to muscle growth and recovery by supporting protein synthesis.


  • Maintains electrolyte balance, supports metabolism, reduces oxidative stress, improves exercise performance, and enhances hydration.

Vitamin b6

  • Aids in amino acid metabolism, reducing muscle soreness, enhancing energy production, and supporting the immune system.

Essential Amino Acids

  • Essential amino acids aid in muscle repair and growth, reduce soreness, enhance recovery, support endurance, boost the immune system, and prevent muscle wasting, thereby improving overall athletic performance.

Vitamin C

  • Reduces oxidative stress from free radicals produced during exercise, aids in collagen synthesis for tissue repair, boosts immune function, and assists in the absorption of other nutrients.

Pomegranate Fruit

  • Aids in reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, enhancing strength recovery, and boosting cardiovascular health through its high antioxidant content.

Bilberry Fruit

  • Aids recovery by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, improving blood flow and circulation, and aiding in muscle repair and regeneration due to its rich antioxidant properties.

Grape Seed Extract

  • Aids in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, improving blood flow, and supporting cardiovascular health, thereby aiding in quicker muscle recovery and reduced soreness.


  • Help maintain fluid balance, support muscle function, and facilitate nerve impulses, preventing dehydration and enhancing overall performance.

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Titan Nutrition

At Titan Nutrition we pride ourselves in formulating superior supplements, its what we do best. The raw materials found in our products have been scientifically proven to work. We don’t get into a race to find the latest miracle ingredient. You won’t find a book of ingredients listed in blends on our labels either. What’s the point in having a virtual dusting of ingredients only to “strengthen” the label? All ingredients are put into our formulas in safe and effective quantities and potencies to help you better achieve your goals. To ensure quality all products are manufactured in an FDA monitored facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards. Products are tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure purity and potency. When developing our product line we do not look first at what products will make a profit. We are driven to make the best products on the market for our customers to purchase and are convinced if we succeed, the profits will follow.


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