Unbound Tongkat Ali & Fadogia

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Maximize your workouts and libido with TONGKAT ALI & FADOGIA, engineered for hardcore lifters to spike testosterone and deliver unmatched stamina. Dive deep into beast mode, in the gym and beyond.

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Unleash Your Inner Beast with The Ultimate Libido & Testosterone Booster

Unleash your inner beast with a powerful combination of potent and patented herbal and botanical extracts designed for unmatched stamina and raw power. This natural testosterone booster and libido enhancer sends a surge of masculinity through your veins, enhancing your primal drive in both the gym and bedroom.

Key Benefits:

  • Skyrocket Natural Testosterone: Fuelled by Fadogia Agrestis Extract and LJ100® Tongkat Ali, experience a surge of raw strength, empowering muscle gains, unwavering stamina, and an unrivaled drive to conquer challenges.
  • Intensify Libido: The dynamic duo of Fadogia Agrestis Extract and LJ100® Tongkat Ali revitalizes your libido, intensifying sexual prowess and unleashing a primal hunger for explosive pleasure and unparalleled satisfaction.
  • Boost Endurance & Stamina: Shatter fatigue barriers with unstoppable energy, pushing beyond limits with unwavering determination to outlast and outperform, becoming the undefeated champion of strength and resilience.
  • Accelerate Recovery & Muscle Repair: Synergistically accelerate muscle recovery from intense gym battles, embracing resilience and preparing for stronger, fiercer challenges with unmatched muscle repair.
  • Elevate Mood: Experience a surge of positivity and unyielding confidence, as our blend banishes negativity and empowers seizing opportunities, inspiring an indomitable spirit and rewriting the script of your life.





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